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Dr. Wong Man Wai - the Principal

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Meet Dr. Man Wai Wong
Dean of The Nutrition Academy, a wellness education program of Andromeda Wellness.
Dr. Man Wai Wong - "The Story of a Hong Kong Cake Boy"
Rising from an impoverished childhood where he didn’t even have a grain of rice at home let alone having the money to pay for higher education didn’t stop him from pursuing just that. That is where ‘The Story of a Hong Kong Cake Boy’ was born and how he has become a well-educated, experienced doctor despite his struggle.
At an early age, due to his parent's separation and financial circumstances that made it a struggle to continue higher education, he started his working experience at the age of 15 and eventually transitioned into the bakery and confectionary world for over 45 years.
He learned this skill and became a professional in this field, while he tirelessly continued his study earning several degrees and certifications from Chinese University of Hong Kong Certificate in the Foundation of Chinese Medicine, BBA at Asia International Open University (MACAU), MBA at University of Ballarat, Nutrition Master in Pan-American University Science, Doctorate in Nutrition at Academy of Multi-Skills United Kingdom. He currently is a Registered Dietitian in China and is teaching at Open University of Hong Kong.
He proved that nothing is impossible in this world. Dr. MW Wong’s achievement is in recent years, where he founded the Professional Bakery and Confectionery Vocational Training Center in Hong Kong where he runs international training courses where the students earn Diploma in Patisserie (IVQ Diploma in Patisserie 8705-22) together with City & Guilds International. It was the first of its kind in Hong Kong that has not only trained students in the bakery and confectionary industry but has elevated Hong Kong to an international recognition because of his accomplishments.
Dr. MW Wong is an inspirational example for the younger generation especially the current employment status where he’s concerned with finding a solution on how to teach young bakers the skills and quality control especially in management for local bakeries and food factories so they can have a bright future as graduates. He has proved that human nature progresses with time with his accomplishments and to start with an ordinary thing can transform us into something amazing.
·         Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards - Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant
·         Registered Dietitian in China
·         City & Guilds “Assured Certificate in Nutritionist” Tutor
·         Completed University Degree : The Education University of Hong Kong PDGE (PVE)
·         Academy of Multi-Skills United Kingdom Nutrition Doctorate
·         Jinan University Food Quality and Safety Degree
·         Panamerican University Science in Nutrition Master
·         University of Ballarat MBA
·         Asia International Open University (MACAU) BBA

·         The Chinese University of Hong Kong Certificate in the Foundation of Chinese Medicine

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Registered Nutritionist course 註冊營養學家課程

  • Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant: Simon Wong

Chiropractic Assistant

  • Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant: Simon Wong